Wedding Hashtags 101



Wedding Hashtags 101

Every couple should have their own unique hashtag for their wedding (Heck we even have ours #blessedweddings )! Having a hashtag will allow you and your guests to view pictures easily from many social media platforms. Popular social media sites that use hashtags include: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #unforgettable #wedding #mrandmrs #areawesome

So if your having trouble coming up with the perfect hashtag then we have some great tips for you,

Here is Blessed Wedding Photos inside scoop on hashtag creating:

1) Search the hashtag on the three most popular social media websites to see if it’s one of a kind! This will allow you to not get your wedding confused with someone else’s wedding. Try different variations of the name, wedding date, and location. 

2) Get punny with it! Create a hashtag pun with a funny inside joke with wedding guests or family members.  Example Groom name Noel Said #nosaidyes

3) Hey couples! Use your lovey dovey nicknames you first used on each other. 

4) Bring your rhyming skills and get creative with a cool tune! Incorporate your favorite song into your hashtag and let everyone sing along! 

5) Makes signs for your hashtag! These can be placed behind seats, in the Photo Booth, on cocktail ribbons, in the invitations, and on itineraries! The more visible, the more pictures you will have from different guest perspectives at the wedding. 

6) Capital Letters Are Important

Share with us your wedding hashtag below! #Thankyou!

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