Wedding Planning Tips from a Professional Wedding Photographe

Wedding Planning Tips from a Professional Wedding Photographer

I wish I would've know what wedding planning really entailed before I got married. Below I'm sharing some of my biggest take aways from planning my own wedding. As a wedding photographer in San Diego I've also picked up some insight over the years.

1.Details, Details, Details

Pinterest, Google and wedding blogs are all great resources to draw inspiration from for your wedding. But, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the different choices out there.

You can get lost in the current trends and may try too hard to incorporate everything into your wedding day.

Drawing inspiration from these online sources is great idea, as long as you don't go overboard. My advice: don’t get bent out of shape over all the little details! Don't get me wrong, details are awesome. As a wedding photographer, I LOVE details. They are my favorite thing to capture during the wedding day. However, it's important to incorporate details that speak to who you and your fiancé are as a couple. Draw inspiration from the internet, but incorporate only those details that mean something to you.

Remember, less is more!

2. Breath!

We've all heard about the bridezillas … The bride that becomes a completely different person when trying to plan his or her wedding.

I thought I was a fairly mellow bride when planning my wedding five years ago, but I just found out from my mom that I was hot headed and demanding. Who knew?

It's easy to get overwhelmed with everything that "needs" to be done for a wedding. The decorations, finding that perfect wedding dress, matching the bridesmaid dresses with the groomsmen suits, the flowers, the invites, the location … And the list can go on and on. But in the end, the only thing that truly matters is that you'll be standing there, with the love of your life, surrounded by the people that mean the most to you, saying "I Do."

That's what a wedding truly is. Everything else is just details. Remember to take a breath, to relax and have fun and enjoy this journey you are starting. Everything else will work itself out. Your wedding day will be the best day of your life, even if the flowers might not be the same color as your bridesmaid dresses.

3. Not all photographers are wedding photographers

Turns out, just because you own a fancy camera and have been doing photography for a few years, doesn't automatically make you a wedding photographer. I hired a photographer for my wedding who had done portrait work for years. She was just starting to get into wedding photography so I got a great deal for my wedding day coverage.

However, I learned the hard way after my wedding that just because she had done portrait work previously, didn't mean she knew how to plan for a wedding day. Prior to my wedding day, I had no help with setting up a timeline for the day. There was no discussion on what poses I wanted captured.

Ultimately, I ended up with wedding images, albeit some good portrait pictures, that didn't tell the story of my wedding day. Being a wedding photographer is an art in and of itself. It takes a lot of experience to accurately capture a full wedding day. Needless to say, it takes more than a fancy camera and a great smile to be a professional wedding photographer.

4. It's your wedding day

Ok yes, if you have someone else helping you pay for your wedding, you might want to be appreciative and take their opinions into consideration. However, ultimately it's your wedding day and it should reflect the personalities of you and your partner. Don't feel pressured to invite everyone and their mother to the wedding, or include every family member in the wedding day shenanigans.

Wedding Planning tips from a professional wedding photographer

Include the people that mean the most to you and your partner. Invite the people who you feel are supportive of your relationship and who you want to spend this very special day with. Sometimes it's not possible to have wedding tasks for every single family member. And that's ok! Not everyone has to be included. That doesn't mean they are any less important to you, it just means there are only so many different things that needs to be controlled during the day. You already have a photographer for the day, so tell your cousin that she can leave her camera at home and just relax and enjoy the day.

Your wedding planner will make sure the flowers are where they should be and the reception is looking like you dreamt of. So, you can let your aunts know that they don't have to stress about it, but take that complimentary champagne and sip on it in the garden while your planner takes care of the rest.

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