Telling a story with your Wedding Pictures

Telling a story with your wedding day pictures

Telling a Story with your wedding pictures

Why are wedding pictures so important?

Wedding pictures are meant to tell your story. And I’m not talking about just you, I’m talking about you as in you and your significant other. You have decided to take the next step in your relationship and get married. In front of family and friends you are vowing to always have each other’s back, to love each other through sickness and through health, and stand side by side for as long as you both shall live.

Both of you have stories to tell and now you want to tell your story together. Your wedding day is the perfect culmination of both of your lives together. A wedding is planned around the two people who are getting married. You don’t plan a wedding based on your best friend’s story, or your neighbor’s life. Your wedding is based on your history, your likes and your interests. So your wedding pictures should reflect that story. They should tell your love story!

How to ensure your photographer captures it all

Unless you are one of the lucky people who have a professional photographer who already knows your story, you most likely will have to tell it to a new person. Someone who’s a stranger to you and your significant other. But someone who will undeniably become a very important person in your story – your wedding photographer.

Your wedding photographer is your story teller. He or she will be responsible to read the underlying sentiment of your wedding details. They will need to understand why you decided to get married at the venue of your choice. And the only way your photographer can accurately capture your love story is if you tell them what it is. Prior to your wedding, sit down with your photographer and tell them why the two of you fell in love. Explain what it is about this other person that you can’t live without. Describe your most precious moments together. Yes it is personal, and yes it is intimate. But your photographer is going to capture one of the biggest days in your life. And to accurately be able to tell your story he or she will need to understand it.

The aftermath of a wedding day

If you ask anyone who’s ever gotten married and they’ll tell you that your wedding day goes by in a blur. The excitement and the nerves about marrying the love of your life makes it easy to forget to take a moment and just breath and enjoy all the details you’ve put together for this special day. But your wedding pictures are there to help you remember. When your wedding is over and done and you’ve started your new life as a married couple, your wedding pictures will be there to help you breath and enjoy your day all over again. But with less stress and with more love!