Posing for your wedding Day!

Blessed Wedding was featured on Fox 5 San Diego, in a great segment on how to really put your best side forward in wedding photos – or really, any photos at all!  We shared some tips and tricks for ways you can situate your body to look great in front of the camera. Check out the video, and read more below:

Lengthen Your Legs

When you’re standing for photographs, always make sure you have one leg about half a step in front of the other and elongate your spine. By keeping one foot in front of the other, it creates a nice, long line from the top of your head to the tip of your forward toe.

Shrug Your Shoulders

When you’ve elongated your legs and your spine, you’re creating a great line up and down, but you may not know what to do with your shoulders. Shrug them up, back and down to get them away from your ears, and then roll the shoulder that is closest to the camera forward and down a bit to elongate the neck.

Arrange Your Arms

If you’re not holding flowers, you can place your hands on your waist but never your hips. The waist is the smallest part of your body, and the angle of the arms will draw the eyes to your face. If you’re holding your bouquet, don’t press it against your body, hold it slightly away from you to lengthen your arms. When turned sideways, always keep your arms away from your body – they’ll look thinner.

Frame Your Face

You have a neck, and we need to see it in pictures! Bring your chin out and down a little, imagine pressing your forehead toward the camera, rather than your nose or your chin. This will prevent double chins and lost necks.

Smile naturally and enjoy your special day!