Pinterest and Wedding Photography - Wedding Planning 101

Photography CC: Blessed Wedding Photography

Photography CC: Blessed Wedding Photography

Pinterest and Wedding Planning go Hand-in-Hand.

I wish I would've had such a powerful tool like Pinterest at the tip of my fingers when I was planning my wedding. Pinterest had just come out and everyone was still trying to figure out what it was and how to use it. Nowadays, Pinterest is the most powerful resource tool when it comes to wedding planning, meal planning, outfit planning - you get the drift. Pinterest and Planning go hand-in-hand. 

But just like any powerful tool, it can be easily become a crutch as much as it can be a life saver. Here are some useful tips on how to use Pinterest to your advantage.

  • Use it for inspiration not to copy
    The most important thing to keep in mind is that Pinterest is a source of very curated images. These are the best of the best and not always an accurate reflection of reality.

    Many pictures on Pinterest that you see may be from highly styled editorial shoots, which unless you're on an unlimited budget may be very hard to match. And if they are images from a real wedding you can be sure to know that it's only the very best from that day. 

    While a great resource for inspiration, keep in mind that Pinterest is not an accurate reflection of reality.  In many instances what you see on Pinterest may also clash with the resources and means you have at hand.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that Pinterest doesn't curate results based on season. Which means those beautiful peonies (that I wanted for my wedding in September!) may not be available for the time of year you are getting married.

    All in all, use Pinterest for Inspiration not to copy other weddings.

  • Create a mood-board for consistency
    What I like the most about Pinterest is that you can create your own mood-boards. Start pinning everything you enjoy and can see yourself incorporating into your wedding day.

    Then go back and narrow it down. Settle on a color theme and watch as your Pinterest board goes from a hot mess of crazy wedding ideas, to a curated feed with consistent colors, designs and themes. This will help your wedding day look consistent and beautiful.

  • Use secret boards
    Pinterest is a social media platform. We are able to use it because people from all over the world are sharing their own pins, ideas and inspirations. However, when planning a wedding you may not want everyone else to know what your day will look like. You may want to keep guests in suspense and have them wait until the big day to see what your wedding day looks like.

    That's where Secret Boards come in to play. Mark your Wedding Board as secret and only invite the people you want included in your wedding planning.

  • Look outside of the wedding boards
    Don’t get stuck pinning inspiration from just "wedding" specific topics. Instead, think outside he box and pin from interior design magazines, fashion blogs, and travel photographers. All of these boards can be equally inspiring. By looking elsewhere you might even have an easier time defining your own style, rather than just copying current wedding trends.

  • Make it personal
    The best part about Pinterest is that it's not limited to what you only see on Pinterest. Upload your own snapshots of window displays, or a beautiful flower arrangement you saw at the grocery store.

    Ultimately your wedding is your day and it's a reflection of your likes and interests. Don't pin wedding trends if it doesn't fit your style and personality. Curate it down to only what speaks to you and go from there.

Happy Pinning!!