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The Top Wedding Pictures to have from your Wedding Day

A good, professional wedding photographer will know exactly how to capture your wedding day and what moments are typically most important to the happy couple, but it doesn’t hurt to talk with your wedding photographer beforehand to make sure they know which photos will be most important to capture on your wedding day. Wedding photographer will often even ask their couples to share a “photo list” with them prior to the wedding day, just so they have an idea of what the couple is expecting from their wedding photos. In case you need help deciding what photos are most important to capture on your wedding day, here are some iconic wedding day photos that are a must for your wedding album.

Getting those Getting Ready Pictures from your Wedding Day

Getting ready Pictures

“Getting ready” photos should include photos of the wedding dress, photos of the bride getting made up, photos of the bride and groom getting their attire on, bridesmaids getting ready, groomsmen putting on boutonnieres, etc. Getting ready for your wedding is unlike getting ready for anything else, so be sure to talk with your photographer beforehand about how the two of you will be getting ready the day of your wedding. Maybe each of you will be getting ready in different rooms at the same hotel, for example, or maybe each of you are going to be getting ready in the “bride” and “groom” rooms at the venue. Just make sure your photographer knows where you will be the morning of your wedding so he or she can plan the getting-ready photos accordingly.

Posed family (and friend) Photos

Technically this will be several photos, but they all fall under one general “posed family and friend photos” umbrella. Even if getting a posed photo with all of your immediate family members isn’t extremely important to you as a wedding couple, chances are it’s very important to your parents. Be sure to ask your photographer to take photos with each set of parents, each set of grandparents, any siblings, any close friends, etc. If posed photos with any particular individual are important to you (maybe with the person who introduced the two of you, for example), be sure to let your photographer know about those as well.

Bridal Party Pictures by San Diego Wedding Photographers

Bridal Party Pictures

You’re going to need a few photos with the bridal party as well. This particularly includes the bride and groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Ask your photographer to snap a pic of the bride with the bridesmaids, the groom with the groomsmen, and the bride and groom with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. For these photos, it’s nice to have at least one of each where everyone is posed and smiling, and then at least one of each with everyone cheering and looking candid. Most wedding photographers know to take these photos, but check with your photographer just in case.

Post-ceremony kiss

The kiss after the ceremony, of course, is probably going to be the most iconic part of your wedding day. Make sure your photographer knows this is a must-have photo for you!

Dancing Pictures - First Dance and Party Dancing

The first dance is another iconic moment, of course, and your wedding photographer probably knows that this is a must-have photo for you. Still, it’s a good idea to let them know just in case. Don’t forget to ask your wedding photographer to capture the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, and any dancing with guests as well.

Having pictures of your First Dance together as Spouses 
Fun and Unique Wedding Reception Pictures by San Diego Wedding Photographers Blessed Wedding

Rings and Details Shots

The ring shot is another iconic shot among wedding photographers. Loan your rings to your wedding photographer at one point so that your wedding photographer has a chance to photograph them artfully. Or, another way to get “the ring shot” is to have your photographer capture your hands clasped.

Amazing and Special Wedding Rings and Details Shots


The flowers are another detail you want to be sure gets captured. An especially iconic flower photo is to have the bride hold out the bouquet and to have the photographer capture a shot where mainly just the bouquet is in focus.

Small decorative details

Many couples love to include small details in their wedding decor, such as decorative place cards, creative confetti, and personalized food and drinks (all ideas borrowed from this article about wedding decor). These small decorative details can take quite a bit of time to prepare, and you want your guests to notice them, of course. One great way to make sure all of that hard work doesn’t go to waste is to ask your photographer to document those small details you included in your wedding decor. So whether it’s hand lettered name cards, custom napkins, personalized soda bottles, or handmade takeaway favors, don’t forget to ask your photographer to snap a photo or two for your wedding album.

Wedding exit

The wedding exit is a lot of fun to capture, especially since couples often have their guests hold sparklers or throw something fun like confetti, flower petals, or sprinkles. Let your photographer know beforehand what your “wedding exit” is going to entail. It’s also a good idea to talk to your wedding coordinator at the venue beforehand, as your coordinator can offer advice on where the couple should walk, where guests should stand, etc. Be sure your photographer knows about small details like these before it’s time for the wedding exit.

These, of course, are only a few major must-have shots of potentially many more that you may want for your wedding day. Some other shots you might want to be sure to include are:

  • Bridesmaids reacting to the bride in her dress
  • Father seeing the bride in her dress
  • Shots of the venue before guests arrive
  • Members of the bridal party walking down the aisle
  • Groom reacting to bride walking down the aisle
  • Father giving his daughter away
  • Wide shot of the ceremony
  • Guests signing the guest book
  • Guests having dinner
  • The wedding cake
  • Cutting the wedding cake

In short, just be sure to be upfront with your photographer about which shots are most important to you. It’s also a good idea to ask your photographer for a list of the shots they generally capture at weddings so you can add to it if need be!

Guest Post Written By: Maurine Anderson