Maid of Honor Speech

How to on Maid Of Honor Speeches

How to Ace a Maid of Honor Speech

At a wedding, what matters more than the details, the dresses, and the desserts?  It’s the special, intimate moments between loved ones and honest, heartfelt words that are shared. That’s why it’s SO important to make sure that if you’re the Maid (or Man) of Honor that your speech actually has meaning! (No more “last-minute, winging-it” speeches!)  Here are our tips on how to create an unforgettable, meaningful MOH speech.

The Beginning (Attention grabber!)

It’s important to open with who you are and how you know the bride (remember not everyone at the wedding will know who you are). This will create a connection with your audience.  It’s best to lead with a sweet or funny story of how you became friends, something that tugs on those heart strings and gets the audience’s attention.  This is your moment to bring the bride to life so be sure to use stories to back up how special she is.

The Story

Tell an important (and APPROPRIATE) story from your relationship.  “Remember that one time?” Talk about the moment when you knew that the bride was your true friend.  A short story can speak a thousand words about someone.  It can breathe life into that person and it can spark life into another. 

What not to say: “Jane is amazing, she is always there for me.”

What to say: “So, a few years back I was in a sticky situation in life, my sister had just passed, my boyfriend had just left me and, well, I had to sell my dog (I know this is now sounding like a country song).  Jane was there for me; she drove to my house from two hours away and she called me daily to check in, and this just barely touches on how amazing Jane is.”

Remember to focus the story on her, not you, as much as possible. This is her day and not yours so make a point to have the story be about the bride.

Don’t Forget the Groom

Most MOHs have way more to say about the bride then the groom, but something needs to be said about this man, after all, he is half the reason this event is happening!  Think of those moments that you heard her parents saying what they wanted for her, think of the moment she first met him, what she first told you about him, etc.

What not to say: “I’m happy she found you.”

What to say: “So, I remember being about 13 and making a list of what we wanted in a husband…It started off with tall, dark and handsome.  When Jane first told me about you, Bob, I was blown away at how similar you were to that list she made 20 years ago!  Jane, you not only found your tall, dark and handsome man but you also found those qualities that you truly desired, like being treated like a princess, being adored and knowing every day that you are loved.”

Don’t mention her ex. boyfriends; this is not the time for that!

Give Thanks

Be sure to thank people.  The most important are the ones who are hosting this event or the person who put the most into making this day. A simple “I want to thank the Doe family for making this day so special for Jane” is perfect.


End with a sendoff wish for the happy couple.  Wish them a lifetime of happiness together, or if you want to be more unique, use a quote.  There is nothing better than a sophisticated, literary quote that was almost made just for this couple.  Check out Quotelicious for some great options.

Do not forget to lead a toast!  Dont just drop the mic, ask everyone to raise their glasses together and cheers to the happy couple!

DO NOT get drunk

You may think a few cocktails will calm your nerves, however there is nothing worse than a drunk speech. No one wants to see you trip and fall over yourself or your words during the speech and you probably don’t want to be a viral video sensation in the future.  Once the speech is done go get your tipsy on but before your speech, keep it under control.

BE You

Put yourself into this and be yourself; the bride knows you and loves you for who you are!