La Jolla Engagement Photography | Charley Brown

La Jolla Engagement Photography

La Jolla Engagement Photography | Charley Brown 

Have you ever heard "Will You be My Wife?" and "Charlie Brown" within one minute of each other?

When Ben proposed to Victoria that is just what she heard - how you may ask? Well let me tell you.

Ben had always said he had a two year rule about getting engaged. That is, until they had dated for two years, he wasn't going to propose. Well their two year anniversary came and went and Victoria was still waiting for that big question. When they went to Catalina Island for their third anniversary Victoria thought for sure Ben would finally go down on one knee, but Ben had other plans. 

Instead, Ben kept teasing Victoria saying that her "ring fund" was actually a car parts fund. For 6 months leading up to the proposal, Ben kept buying car parts here and there to tinker with (completely throwing Victoria off). The day of their four year anniversary, they were headed out to Mr. A's for dinner celebrations. Victoria could tell something was up as Ben acted very nervous in the car. Instead of holding her hand, he kept both hands on the wheel while driving. 

Finally they arrived at the restaurant and were seated. After some back and forth with the waiter they eventually had some time for just the two of them. As straightforward as it gets, Ben put a box on the table, containing a beautiful engagement ring he had spent months designing. With no preamble he simply proceeded to ask Victoria "Will you be my Wife?"

Victoria was ready to burst into tears of joy when Ben nervously exclaim "NO NO! Be cool! Be cool! Be cool Charlie Brown be cool!" Victoria explains it as them both being very quiet, private people and Ben didn't want to make a scene. 

She must've played it cool, because we were so thrilled to be able to capture this sweet couple's engagement session at the beaches of San Diego. We had so much fun together and laughed the entire time. Just take a look for yourself!

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