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The Lafayette Hotel Wedding San Diego, CA

"Choose a seat not a side. We're all family once the knot is tied." With strong family ties Regina and Kurtis walked down the aisle knowing that they were making a commitment not only to each other, but to their families and friends as well.

Kurtis was deployed for much of the early planning of the wedding, Regina confided to me one day. We had discovered a shared love for the outdoors early on, and had met several times during her planning months to go hiking together. His being deployed never stopped them from organizing everything together. She would come up with ideas for decorations, food and venue. He would approve every detail, either by email or phone as soon as he could.

Lafayette Hotel Wedding Photography
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Family being very important to them, Regina had hers help create many of the decorations. She and her mom organized decorations to make the venue feel like home. Flower center pieces laid in recycled tin cans and handmade signs directed people where to sit.

Purple was the wedding color. It reminded me of the color of grapes and wine vineyards. With wild flowers and grape vines, the warm feel of their Italian ancestry came through.

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Lafayette Hotel Photography

Color and contrast is very fun for a photographer to play with and I thoroughly enjoyed the splashes of deep purple Regina had everywhere in her wedding. The color combinations she chose made her wedding photos pop in the end.

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