Island Palms Hotel Wedding |Wedding Photography

Beautiful Island Palms Hotel Wedding in August 2.jpg

We all know life can get pretty busy. Trying to fit in everyday chores, work and time with your loved ones is like a jigsaw puzzle. Add planning a wedding to the schedule and it takes some serious time management. 

He's a prison guard and she's a prison nurse so their schedules are crazy busy. Luckily Tim was able to take on the majority of the wedding planning. When he contacted us here at Blessed Wedding Photography he kept talking about the love of his life and how excited he was to just spend some time with her after their wedding. 

Their wedding took place at the eve of the biggest UFC fight in history, the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight. Their wedding consisted of their closest friends and family. And lucky for them, the couple decided to showcase the fight on one of the TVs during the reception so their guests could view it and celebrate. 

Island Palms Hotel lent itself as a beautiful location and backdrop for this stunning wedding. Surrounded by palm trees and situated on the bay it is the perfect location for a San Diego Wedding.