Illustrated Wedding Invitations to Match Your Wedding Theme

Vintage Botanical Basic Invite

Wedding inspiration is easy to come by, it’s everywhere! But sifting through all the inspiration and narrowing down the aspects that you love and can comfortably commit to is one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. With so much beauty and endless choices sticking to a uniformed theme can be tough! And although it’s not necessary it certainly makes for easier decisions down the line. So, if a specific theme or singular color scheme sounds like what you’re going for, a trick of the trade to sticking to your guns is to design illustrated floral wedding invitations that represent your look and then keep everything else cohesive!

Blessed Wedding Photography Basic Invite


Wedding invitations are like a sneak peek into your wedding day décor. Recipients will get a vibe from your invitations and develop instant expectations. It’s almost like announcing your engagement, once it’s out there everyone expects a wedding. Think of your theme or color scheme in relation to the rest of your wedding design aspects that way. Once your invitations are in the mail use those same colors and designs and incorporate them into your bridesmaids’ dresses, floral arrangements and table décor.


So how can you take this method and utilize it flawlessly? Here are some trendy ideas to help inspire you!


The Color Game

Watercolor wedding invitations are an out of the box take on an illustrated wedding invitation, but this design trend is so perfect for a wedding theme because color can be incorporated everywhere! Watercolors are muted so whatever color or colors you decide to go with on your invitations make sure to match those tones by choosing pastel and light versions of your color scheme. Watercolor cake details and wedding day paper like place cards and menus are details that where watercolors can be easily incorporated. Of course, watercolor isn’t the only color option and whatever you do choose just keep it cohesive.


Seasonal Styles

Using the seasons to your advantage is a simple way to not only include illustrations into your wedding invitations, but also as a theme throughout. Leafy, rustic designs for fall, botanicals for the warmer months, and plaids, snowflakes, or glitter for a winter wonderland wedding. Get creative and have fun with this idea! Usually wedding planning takes about a year so, you’ll most likely hit all the seasons throughout the duration of your plans. Decide ahead of time if you want to incorporate each as it comes or stick to a singular seasonal style no matter the weather looks like.


Location, Location, Location

Using the city, state, or region that you’re from or hosting your ceremony is a great way to incorporate a clear theme and an easy one to stick with. Maybe you’re having a destination wedding or there is a special place that you and your soon to be hold dear to each other… use the culture, landmarks, local foods and traditions as pieces of your location themed wedding. Order invitations featuring a sand dollar, the golden gate bridge, or a mountain horizon and build your details around that central theme.

Vintage Botanical Basic Invite


Often times, couples feel they need to stick to a traditional more upscale version of the design ideas they have because it’s a wedding being celebrated. In reality, having fun and being unique and creative with your plans and festivities will help you stand out and make memories to last a lifetime.


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 Guest Post: Katie Scott with Basic Invite.