How to get the most out of your Wedding Photographs

Do you want to know what you can do to get the most out of your wedding photographs?

I put together this simple guide for the bride that is in the process of planning her wedding. Maybe you've already hired your wedding photographer or you are still searching for the perfect fit. Either way, these simple tips and tricks can help you get the most out of your wedding photographs when the big day arrives.

Hiring a wedding photographer is a big investment. It might be one of the big budget expenses you have for your wedding, so of course you want to make sure your wedding photographs are the best they can possibly be. As a wedding photographer I try to capture the beauty in everything from your wedding day and the small details can make a huge difference in how your pictures are produced. Follow the below tips to make sure your wedding photographs are the best they can be!

According to The Knot your wedding photographs should be about 10-12% of your total wedding budget. 

1. Get a specific hanger for your dress

Most wedding dresses come with a simple, sometimes cheap looking, plastic hanger that doesn't give your dress the respect it requires. This dress deserves a nice looking hanger that will do it justice in the pictures. Your nice wood hanger will look so much better in the pictures with your dress, than a plastic hanger ever could. It might seem like a small thing but even the smallest of details can make a huge difference.

You could also get a custom hanger with your new last name (or old if you aren't taking your spouses name). There are plenty of fun alternatives on Etsy that doesn't have to break the bank. A custom-made hanger can be preserved along with your dress for the days you feel sentimental and want to view that gorgeous dress of yours that you spent so long searching for.

Get the most out of your wedding photos

2. Have all your jewelry and accessories ready

Plan ahead and have all your jewelry and accessories ready to be handed to your photographer at the start of the day. Everything that you want pictures of, it could be your rings, your shoes, hairpiece, and veil. It could also be any bridesmaid gifts that you purchased for your ladies that particular day. This way you don't have to worry about locating each individual piece the day off. It also ensures that important heirloom pieces that you might have inherited are photographed as well and not forgotten about.

Wedding Photography Los Willows

Have the groom have his shoes, ties/bow ties, belt, cufflinks and other important accessories available to photograph as well.  Pictures of all the details are always fun to include in your wedding photographs. To me the men's details are just as important as the brides details.

3. Provide ample time for your wedding photographs

A good idea is to prepare a timeline with your photographer before the wedding day. Make sure to always over-estimate allotted times for pictures. The last thing you want it so feel rushed when having your wedding photographs done. By providing extra time, you will either have more time to do pictures of you and your significant other, or you'll have more time to socialize with your guests than you originally intended.

Although I always try to create a solid timeline with all of my wedding couples before their wedding day, things happen and we might get off track. But with a timeline I know what's to come and I can guide you and your wedding team throughout the day. I like to help my brides understand how much time to allocate for pictures. Together we make sure we have enough time for everything you want captured. In the end it's always better to have more time than no time.

4. Prepare your photographer on any specific requests

As a wedding photographer I carry many roles during a wedding day. It can be anything from keeping everyone on schedule to assisting with dress issues and boutonnieres.

But what I am not is a mind reader. Having shot plenty of weddings during the last few years I know exactly how to capture your wedding day in the most stunning wedding photographs you can dream off. I have a workflow that I follow with each wedding and a check list of the typical but important pictures to take throughout the day.

However, I always appreciate a heads up for the  very important and personal details a bride and groom has incorporated into their wedding day. So if you have any special events going on during the wedding day that might not be a common wedding day event, let me know. If I have a time and place I can make sure to capture it for you. And if there is any decor that's especially important to you to get a picture of, let me know so I can take extra care of capturing that for your wedding photographs.

5. Laugh, have fun and enjoy your day!

The most important tip I can provide you is to laugh, have fun and enjoy your day! If you feel stressed or uncomfortable this will undoubtedly show in your wedding photographs. Always remember, this is your day to feel beautiful, to be pampered upon and feel loved. Feel free to delegate tasks to other people. Have a personal attendant that can make sure flowers, decorations and cards are where they should be. And lastly, trust your photographer!

Trust that your photographer will photograph you in the most flattering light and poses. Don't worry too much about what you think you'll look like as it will lead to tense shoulders and fake smiles. Instead relax and just be you with your new spouse. Have fun together, make jokes to keep each other laughing, chill with your bridal party. If you've hired an experience photographer they will help you keep track of timelines, ensure the bridal party listens when required and capture the beauty of your wedding day! And your professional wedding photographer will ensure you and your spouse look your very best in your wedding photographs so you don't have to!