Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer

Questions to ask a wedding Photographer:

Hiring a photographer for you wedding is what I believe to be one of the most important vendor decisions you will make while preparing for your wedding.  Your wedding photography will be the ONLY thing that will last a lifetime and become a hairloom.  This said asking the correct questions when hiring a photographer can help you with your decision.  

1. What type of wedding photography experience do you have?

With the overwhelming growth of wedding photographers, this question I find to be one of the most important.  Weddings are very unpredictable and for this reason having a photographer who has prior experience with shooting in natural light, night light, shade and using artificial light is very important.  You also want to make sure this hired photographer had done many weddings (not to be confused with years of experience).  The more weddings a photographer has personally shot the better the photographer will be at photographing your wedding day. 

2. Do you have a business license and Insurance (per state guidelines)?

Professional wedding photographers should always have the proper insurance for their business.  Insurance protects the photographer against equipment theft, but also provides liability protection in case someone trips over the photographer’s bag.  Most locations require photographers to carry liability and give certification before even allowing the photographer to even shoot at the location (typically in Ca. the amount is up to 1 million in coverage).   A photographer should be able to show you proof of this if asked.   If a photographers doesn’t not have insurance then you run a greater risk that they are operating unlawfully or not experienced.

Photographers NOTE: Great Insurance Co. that also covers E&O is Hartford/ USAA Business Insurance

3.  Will there be a contract of the services provided and will I get a Copy?

This is a no brainer for wedding photographers,  but you should always have a contract written up for your specific business to give out to clients.  Sadly too many Photographers go about their way of business and skip this part.  A contract is created for your protection and for the wedding photographer’s protection. Make sure this contract has your pricing listed, services offered, model release, terms and conditions,  ect.  Beware of photographer that don’t give contracts to clients.

4. Does the package or photography include a second photographer?

Most professional photographers would recommend if over 50 guests that you should have a second photographer.  Please be sure when given any quote that you know how many photographers this quote will cover.  Remember there is no way to capture simultaneously that first look on her face at the same time the first tear/look on his face.  We highly recommend having two photographers. We personally offer not just 2 photographers but two business owners in our Blessed Wedding Photography packages.  This assures you that you will have two lead photographers that are very experienced. 

5.  Will you be editing my photos/ Video ?

Many photographers will shoot in a RAW format this means in order to make it viewable to you it needs to be transferred into a .jpeg format, this is done by color correction/ sharpening, adjusting shadows and more.  Make sure the images you are viewing on the photographers web site are all edited by the photographers co. or that they use the same co. to edit all images.  Some photographers have been known to send only web images off to get edited but they don’t edit the clients.  Thus making your photos look orange, yellow, red, or sometimes even blue.

6. What type of Gear do you use?

Knowing up front what type of gear your photographer will be using is important.  You want to be sure that your hired professional photographer is not bringing a disposable camera or an iPhone/Pad to take your professional photos.  You also want to be sure your photographer is bringing a backup camera with them, if a camera brakes they should have a backup so they can continue with their job (providing you with amazing wedding images).

7. If my wedding runs over time will someone still stay to photograph the wedding?

Ok.  Well most weddings don’t run on time unless you have a wedding planner/ Day-Of coordinator.  This said it’s so important to know if your wedding is running overtime what the photographer’s policy is about staying and if they charge you extra for this time. 

8. Will my package include any images and if so what type?

This is so important to know if you will be getting any edited High Resolution images with your package.  Typically most photographers will give you enhanced images this should range between 25-50 Images for each hour of your wedding day.  Many photographers will charge extra for Albums, Prints, ect. and your only able to get the digital High Res. image with the print. Each photographer does this differently but it’s important to know what you will get with your wedding day package.

9. What will happens if its Raining or Snowing?

Weather is something that can be unforseen, make sure you fully understand what your contract states for poor weather conditions.  Some photographers will offer a second "day after" reshoot and some may charge extra for this cost. 

10. What is your style of photography?

So, first you need to ask yourself what type of photography do you want? Are you looking for those adorable natural candid photos or are you wanting more of a traditional style.  Do you want a quirky look or feel in your images or are you wanting formal images.  Understanding the style of photography you desire will help assist you when looking for your wedding photographer. 


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