Flower Alternatives at Your Wedding

Flower Alternatives at your wedding

It’s traditional to have some flora at a wedding. But did you know that the average bride spends several thousands of dollars on flowers? Flowers are also listed as one of the top stressors to brides on their wedding days. It’s one of those things that you don’t get to vet as thoroughly beforehand, since the flower arrangements have to be made the day before in order to look beautiful and fresh on your wedding day.

Well, if you’re ready to take a step away from the cliché, check out these alternatives that you can use to beautiful effect at your wedding.

Flower Alternatives at your wedding

Seasonal Considerations

First of all, it’s important to remember that not every time of year is ideal for growing things. Flowers, especially, are much harder to grow and sustain during the colder months. Certain flowers blossom best in fall, and others sprout up in the spring and naturally die by August. So, before you become set on one kind of blossom, think deeply about what the season is, and how difficult it will be to obtain your flower. If it’s the middle of winter, you might consider some interesting alternatives, like these…

Alternative Bouquet Ideas

Bare Branches: There’s something so romantically stark about bare branches. Fairy lights wrapped around bare boughs can give your reception space a magical look, especially in the winter. Additionally, you can find some really interesting decorating statements when you look into plants that aren’t standard flowers. Think about pussywillows, for instance, or cattails, which will give you an interesting, earthy effect. How about stalks of wheat, or foxtails?

Fruiting Plants: Have you ever considered the aesthetics of fruit over flowers? Later in the season, you’re much more likely to see apples on a bough than apple blossoms. Small pomegranates, berries, and apples can all give a kind of folksy, authentic feel that makes you stand out from the norm.

Green Leaves: Who says that you need a color besides green? Consider the effect of large tropical leaves, languid-looking eucalyptus leaves, or perhaps gathered sprigs of lavender. Bouquets made from pine cones, succulents, and autumn leaves are all getting more and more popular. Best of all? They stay fresh longer, and are often less expensive than big blooms.

Wooden or Fabric Flowers: We know that you might hesitate to embrace these artificial flowers, but the truth is that fake flowers are getting more and more artistic. They’re no longer the cheap-looking plastic and silk that you used to see. Wooden flowers and brand-new silk have an interesting effect. Often, what we hate about fake flowers is that they look real from afar, but then when you get close, they look sloppy, uniform, and fake. However, wooden and fabric flowers from artistic manufacturers today still look either surprisingly real up-close, or they look like they’re not trying to pretend to be anything other than what they are, because what they are is really interesting and beautiful. Really! Go browse some on Pinterest before you write them off.

Alternative bouquet ideas

Alternative Centerpieces

 Additionally, it might be time to consider some alternatives to florals in the middle of each table. When we add up the centerpieces for possibly dozens of tables, we often find ourselves shelling out for far too many arrangements, which explains why people spend upwards of thousands of dollars on flowers alone at a wedding. Instead, consider some of these centerpieces:

Potted Plants: You know how your guests usually get to take home the centerpieces at the end of a reception? Well, what if you gave them a potted plant that would brighten up their home indefinitely, instead of a fussy arrangement that will die within the week? It can give you an amazingly lush effect for fully half of the price of the average floral services. This link has some good ideas for beautiful indoor plants that are also easy to keep alive.

Water Features: Water features are often best paired with other decor, such as shells, a single, graceful flower, floating candles, or even a live fish. However, it’s a great way to make a small accent take up more space and be framed and reflected so that it’s shown to beautiful effect.

Candles: Candles are probably the most popular flower alternative for wedding decor. Just remember to be safe about how you display them. It might be best to put them inside of a well-protected lantern or made to self-douse if they got knocked over. Multi-level votive candles could be displayed in beautiful glass jars or stacked on beautifully-patterned wood panels.

Fruit Bowl (or other edibles): Again, fruit can be a really interesting alternative to flowers. Bonus: it’s edible! Consider a beautiful pear arrangement, a clear bowl of multi-colored citrus, or perhaps a delicious berry platter.

Alternative center pieces


Guest Post by Christine H.