Destination Wedding Stress

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Let's go ahead and put all of the typical "wedding stress" to the side. Can a destination wedding actually be less stressful?

The answer is, YES it really can.

Now, I'm not saying that it's not going to bring you some stress that you typically wouldn't have had you picked to get married in your hometown, however if you have the right people on the ground helping you at your destination, it will certainly be easier.

If you are like most brides and grooms, you are in the process of organizing one the biggest events of your entire life all while holding down a full time job or maybe going to school full time.  Plus, I am sure there are several other commitments you are juggling along the way.  First, stop trying to accommodate everyone else’s opinions and ideas, it's not going to help. You need to get caught up in the emotion of the fact that you’re going to marry your beauty/beau and all of the greatness that comes with saying your vows. 

The key to not becoming overwhelmed by everything is to not let it control your every thought and move, yes I know (easier said than done!). Once your wedding day is over,  you’ll look back and remember the first look between you and your hubby-to-be/wifey-to-be and remember like it was yesterday standing side-by-side with them at the alter. You won't remember the numerous last minute trips to shops, the discussion over what type of shoes your bridesmaids are willing to wear, who sat where and what color the linen was. My point to that is, KEEP FOCUSED on the bigger picture .... You and your finance tying the knot and make sure that you both have the wedding day that you both want.


Here are some things to think about when planning your destination wedding. 

Check The Weather: 

Does your idea of the perfect wedding day consist of waking up to a beautiful blue sky, not rain and gorgeous sunsets photos? If so, a destination wedding could be for you!  Do you love sunshine and warm beaches? Then choose a location and the time of year that will deliver you with almost perfect sunny weather.

Guest List:
If you are content with your closest friends and family being at your wedding a destination wedding can be ideal. If a less complicated, scaled-down wedding sounds perfect, then a destination day could be just the ticket.

Budget Friendly:
A wedding overseas is almost always more budget friendly. With a smaller guest list you can save on many areas. Most wedding venues offer very reasonable complete packages ensuring the final outlay is lower and by having stunning scenery as a backdrop, destination venues need little dressing up – avoiding high decoration expenses. Your honeymoon can be cost effective too if you choose to add this on to the end of your destination wedding and hiring the right destination wedding photographer can assure you amazing photos along the way. 

Time & Effort:
Couples tend to have a wedding planner or a hotel wedding coordinator and having someone sending all of the available options to you online can keep things simple, whilst still giving you flexibility and options for personalization.

A little R&R:
The days running up to a wedding at home can be the busiest time, rushing around and finishing off all of the last minute details. If you are jetting away for a destination wedding, book to arrive a good few days before your big day, this way the packing and finishing touches are of course all done before you leave the country and then you have a couple of days at your wedding location to meet up with your guests and just relax, unwind and enjoy yourself.

If you do decide to go for a destination wedding, the key is to be organized. 

  • Research and plan how you are going to take your wedding dress on the plane if you are flying. 

  • Check in another suitcase when you book your flights. It will cost less by doing this in advance and the extra suitcase can be used for any decorations, guest books, order of service sheets etc that you may want to pick up at home and take out with you. Pack this suitcase a few weeks before you go another thing checked off your list.

  • Book the final meetings with your wedding planner and anyone else you might need to have a run through with, for when you arrive.

  • Create a checklist of things you want to go through with them.  They probably already have one of their own to go through with you but it is good to have all your questions listed too, doing this will put your mind at ease that everything has been thought of.

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