Wedding Day Getting Ready Room Tips

Destination Wedding Getting Ready Planning Tips and Tricks

What are some things to think about when selecting your Wedding Day Getting Ready Room?

She's nervously sipping her champagne glancing around her Wedding Day Getting Ready Room. Surrounded by her best friends and family she realizes that the big day is here. For months she's been planning it and today is her big wedding day. With laughter and joy filling the room she smiles and takes a snapshot in her mind. She wants to remember this moment for a long time.

Your Wedding Day Getting Ready Room is where everything will start to come together on this big day. It's where the groom will put on his suite and tie. It's where the bride will anxiously step into her wedding gown surrounded by her best friends. Many couples choose to have their wedding photographer start at the early hours of the day to capture these intricate moments. Pictures of you with your friends, and of your mom or maid of honor zipping up your dress. All of it plays an integral part on your wedding day so you want to make sure your pictures are showcasing it all.

As a wedding photographer I've gathered some tips to think about when selecting your getting ready room. These will help making sure your photographs from this part of your wedding day will be great.

- Big Windows with a lot of light

There is nothing more satisfying as a wedding photographer than stepping in to a getting ready room where there is good natural light. While artificial light is great to have as an addition. Rooms with good natural light is always preferred.

- Enough space for everyone

Try packing 6 bridesmaids, the MOB  and flower girls into a room fit for 4 people max. Added on your one to two photographers, one to two videographers, flowers, dresses... the list goes on and on. Needless to say it can get very tight and messy very fast. Make sure your wedding day getting ready room is large enough to accommodate all of the people you'll be spending your morning with.

- Close to the Wedding Venue

Getting ready at a location that's close to where you are getting married is very beneficial. Your wedding day morning will most likely always run behind. I've shot very few weddings where we've been on schedule to step into the dress. In addition to the travel time it'll take to get to the wedding venue. You also have to add in getting everyone packed and ready to go. So in order to make you less stressed and actually enjoy your wedding morning, find a place close to the ceremony site. It'll make you feel more relaxed and ultimately that will show in your pictures.