Coordinating your wedding Day Colors

Coordinating your wedding day colors

Coordinating your wedding Day Colors 

Accurately coordinating your wedding day colors is important. It can bring all of the elements of the day together into a cohesive and beautiful wedding design. Think of it as a red thread that ties all the pieces together. Maybe your wedding ceremony is in a church in downtown San Diego while your reception is at Hotel Del. These are two completely separate locations with two different styles. However, with coordinated wedding day colors they are tied together representing your wedding day.

Wedding Day colors

Understanding how colors work together

In order to coordinate your wedding day colors you will need to have a basic understanding of colors. Knowing what colors work together and compliment each other is a great start. The color wheel is something all creatives use when designing, coordinating and creating something new.

The color wheel may look random but there's actually some logic to it. On one side you have the warm colors. These would be your reds, yellows and oranges. The other side includes the cooler colors, the blues, greens and purples.

Step 1 in deciding on your wedding colors is to decide if you want to go with warm colors or cool colors. (Pro Tip: Gold works well with warm colors while silver goes well with cool colors.)

Reading the color wheel

Take a look at the color wheel above. There are three different ways to use the color wheel to determine your color scheme. You can either do complimentary colors, which would be colors opposite each other on the color wheel. Monochromatic colors are three colors in a row. Or, if you want to experiment a little bit, create a triangle in the circle, and the three colors at each point are considered triadic colors.

Following these "rules" you'll be able to create a color scheme for your wedding day that will be very complimentary. Now this is just the first step in coordinating your wedding day colors. Next up, selecting the shades of colors you want to use.

Using Color Strips from Lowes to determine your color hues

There's been a big trend lately, and I believe it will continue, to have your bridesmaids wear mismatched dresses. This is really fun and unique and allows you to add interest to your wedding pictures. But how do you determine what shades of one color you want your bridesmaids to buy?

You can either use the color wheel "rules" above to select complimentary colors. Or, you can head to your closes Lowes or Home Depot and go to their paint section. There you'll be able to find all different kinds of colors from the color wheel. As well as all the different kind of hues and shades that each color have. Pick up one of the color strips to give your bridesmaids to show them what color shades work well together. Take the guess work out of the wedding planning and use the tools already available for you. People with years of education and experience have already put together easy to use tools showing what colors work well together.

Mix and Match and Have Fun

Ultimately, colors are really fun to work with. While there may be "rules" on what colors work well together, those are just the main colors. After that, it's all about mixing and matching hues and shades. Playing with different colors and textures to create something unique and personal. Something that speak to you and your fiancé. And once you've selected your color scheme, the rest of the wedding planning can continue. With the color strips in your hand, head out and get to shopping on your decors, table cloths and flowers!