Choosing A Wedding Dress

The Average Wedding Dress Cost Analysis

The wedding dress is one of the most expensive single items for the whole wedding event. On average women spend around $900 to $3,000 on the perfect dress for their big day. So how much should you really spend?


Set A Budget

It’s important to figure out how much you can actually afford to spend on your wedding dress.  Set a budget for what you’re able to spend, and don’t go over the amount you set, no matter what anyone else says. The moment you start dress shopping explain to the sales person that you have a set maximum budget, you will not go over it, and that you hope they can help. If they bring you more than one dress that is over your price range, move on. There are plenty of boutiques and independent stores, as well as online retailers that you can personally contact about finding you the perfect dress.


Don’t Be Afraid To Go Designer

Designer wedding dresses are a great way to get exactly what you want. Don’t forget, after the wedding, you can also sell your dress as “gently used” on a wedding resale website. Doing so is a great way to recoup a good chunk of the change you forked out on said “wow moment” dress!


Wedding dress designers like Suzanne Harward offer gorgeous collections that also include accessories. These beautiful collections are very coveted, and any bride would love to wear a designer dress! Checking out the designers directly is definitely for the one-stop style bride – you get everything you need in one place.


Check Out Sample Sales

Sample Sales are a fabulous way to get a gorgeous, designer dress on a killer discount. They are limited in stock, so once the dress is gone you can’t buy it. Check out Suzanne Harward’s Lavish Sample Sale! Think high end couture meets timeless tailored fashion. Simply make an appointment to view the sample sale collection and be prepared to have your wedding mind blown.

 Remember, there’s no right or wrong to how much you “want” or “can” spend on your wedding dress. If you really want that $5,000 designer gown - start a fundraising campaign like Go Fund Me or set up a bank account where relatives and friends can donate to get you down the aisle in your dream dress - in lieu of sending gifts. The modern bride really is about the experience these days instead of a set of china to place on display in a cabinet. So go big on your special day!

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