Bridesmaids Dress 101

Photography CC: Blessed Wedding Photography 

Photography CC: Blessed Wedding Photography 

Bridesmaid Dresses 101

More often than not, it is up to the bridesmaid’s to buy and choose their dress. Bride’s can tell specific instructions such as color or match. The best way to go is to aim within everyone’s budget!

You don’t have to match!

I absolutely adore when Bridesmaids only match in color. It’s perfect so all the bridesmaids get whatever dress that looks good on them. Your bridemaid’s will look gorgeous and your dress will standout with all the varied colors!

Designer dresses from the Lauren Conrad Collection

The LC collections can be found from your local Kohl’s store! Kohls also provides a number of coupons and returns. Make sure to buy dresses a month or two before the wedding to ensure each dress fits perfectly. With the dresses in each bridesmaid’s budget, you can recommend to get these hemmed or tailored professionally.

Bridesmaid’s Shoe Decisions

You have many different options in this category. You can allow your bridesmaids to wear the same exact style, color, or brand! If you prefer comfort in consistency, we suggest that you pick a color and certain style. For example, like nude and open toed heels. This way, the bridesmaids get what works for them and their feet! 

Written By: Ze Jucutan