5 Wedding Day Beauty Secrets

5 wedding day beauty secrets

5 Wedding Day Beauty Secrets

5 Wedding Day Beauty Secrets I wish I would've known when I got married

This coming September I will have been married for 6 years. It's crazy to think about how fast time has flown since we said our initial I Do's. While it all started at a court house in Minneapolis, on our one year anniversary I got to have the wedding of my dreams.

However, having never been married before there are a few things I wish I would've known. Below I'm sharing five Wedding Day Beauty Secrets I wish I would've known about when I got married.


  1. Professional Hair and Makeup

    I can't stress this enough - do a trial run before your wedding day! This goes for both your makeup as well as your hair. Make sure that the artists that you hired are able to make your vision come to life. But more importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with the makeup and hair you decided on. Just because it looks good on Pinterest, doesn't mean you feel comfortable in it yourself. Since I got married overseas it was hard for me to do trial runs before my wedding. Although I liked my hair, I wish I would've tried a few different setups before the big day so I had options. Now I only had a few hours the morning off to figure out what I wanted.

    When hiring a makeup artists for your wedding, ask them if they've done wedding makeup before. You want to make sure they know what type of makeup will look good in wedding photographs. As a wedding photographer I have seen girls with way too much black eye liner around their eyes. This often turns to black holes in photographs which is not what a bride wants on her wedding day.

    A vendor we adore E.C. Stylebar is run by a mom and daughter duo. They are a beauty concierge service in San Diego, CA and can connect you with amazing makeup artists in your area. They also have a cool beauty bus that travels to your location!

  2.  Deodorant

    You may not think this is a big deal and to grab whichever one you have laying around. But having a good deodorant for your wedding can make a huge difference. Make sure you have one that doesn't leave deodorant marks underneath your armpits. No one wants white armpits in their wedding images.

    You also want to ensure it doesn't stain. There have been many times where I have had to clean off the grooms suit because there was deodorant all over the jacket from the bride hugging him. Not only does it ruin the appearance, but it's very hard to remove and make it look natural.

  3. Lipstick / Chapstick

    Make sure to have chapstick in your presence. All that kissing and laughing will make for some dry lips. Trying on your lipstick ahead of time is also recommended to make sure it doesn't give you chapped lips after an hour. You want a lipstick that not only will last, but that will keep your lips refreshed throughout the entire day.

  4. Now when you have a few wedding day beauty secrets in your arsenal - go make yourself feel beautiful. If you have additional beauty secrets you want to share, feel free to share them in the comments below.

  5. Beauty Routing

    Regular facial treatments and extractions are good for anyone - women and men alike. However, starting a new beauty routine or having an extraction just a few days prior to the wedding may not be a good idea. Sometimes a new beauty routine can upset your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. It can leave it red and blotchy or even make you break out.

    Brides and grooms planning to start a new beauty routine should start it a couple of months earlier so the skin is accustomed to the new treatments. You should plan the final extraction a week or two out from the wedding day so your skin is fresh and ready to go.

  6. Don't pop that pimple!

    The last thing a bride or a groom want to wake up to on their wedding day is a big pimple right in the face! Instinct tells you to pop that pimple right away. DONT! It's a lot easier for your makeup artists to cover up a pimple with makeup instead. And it's easier for your photographer to remove a small pimple than a big angry red blob. Thus, leave it be and let makeup work it's magic!