San Juan Capistrano Wedding Day - Destination Wedding Photography

Gorgeous San Juan Capistrano Wedding Portraits

One of the things I love the most about being a wedding photographer in Southern California, are all the gorgeous location I have the opportunity to visit and shoot at. A few months ago I had the immense pleasure of working along side one of my photography friends here in San Diego as we photographed this beautiful couple’s wedding portraits up in San Juan Capistrano.

Whenever I get the chance I like to add a few weddings to my calendar where I work as a second shooter with other photographers. For a couple of different reasons.
One - it allows me to visit new locations I haven’t been to yet which makes it easier for me to talk to new brides and grooms about location options.
Two - I get to me a little more creative when I second shoot. While the main photographer will be the one taking the regular portrait shots (in whatever style he or she normally shoots in) I end up sneaking around, shooting through vegetation, behind buildings, through materials. Basically testing my creative boundaries to create new images and portraits that I may not have the chance to try out otherwise.
Three - I believe that every time I work with another photographer I learn new tips and tricks. As a wedding photographer there are always new techniques and new ways of looking at a scenario that one can learn and benefit from.
Four - I just simply love weddings and capturing couple’s love stories that I want to do it as much and as often as I can without getting burnt out!

Any who, this beautiful couple right here were absolute perfection. From the very start of the day I kept glancing at the groom (not only because he’s pretty darn cute, don’t you agree!) but because he reminded me of someone so very much. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t until a few hours later that I realized who it was - he looks just like ZAC EFRON!! Super funny - and of course, the groom said he has heard that many times before and apparently the bride’s sister’s friends all had a crush on him because of that! High School Music Lovers SWOOOOON!

This was also my first time every visiting San Juan Capistrano and I definitely want to bring my husband there for a date afternoon/evening because it’s beyond cute. We didn’t shoot in the actual Mission as they do require permits for that. Instead we walked around the little town which has so many beautiful locations for wedding portraits.

Now also, for those who are a little more old school than High School Musical and grew up with one of the most popular sit coms of TV - we got a little something extra for you. This couple drew inspiration from the TV show How I Met Your Mother and brought a whole bunch of umbrellas with them for some pictures. Can you spot the yellow one??