Meet Samantha & Octavio - Engagement Session at Ruocco Park San Diego

Sunset Engagement Pictures at Ruocco Park

We are so excited to introduce you guys to Samantha and Octavio! This adorable couple came to our studio last fall to chat about their wedding taking place in February of 2019. We had such a great time chatting with them that time just kind of flew by. We knew they were just the kind of couple we want to be part of the Blessed family - adorable, fun and so very much in love (does that sound like you? Then come on over and introduce yourself!!)

Our photographer Mikee has been a rockstar lately with his portrait sessions and this Engagement Session at Ruocco Park is another win in the books. The outfits, the connection, and that amazing San Diego Sunset is just what every Engagement Session in San Diego requires. Can we all just take a minute and be in awe of that ADORABLE jumpsuit Sam is wearing? Am I the only one who wants to know where she bought it????

Anyway, we cannot wait to see the magic he’ll work at Sam and Octavio’s boat wedding in a couple of weeks!