Marriage Tips & Tricks - Make your Marriage as Strong as Possible

Tips to Make Your Marriage Stronger Than Ever

Just about every married couple could use some form of advice on how to strengthen their marriage relationship, as marriage is constantly evolving and always requires active effort. Many of us have heard the standard pieces of advice—find a hobby to do together, never go to bed angry, be a good listener, practice continued courtship, become more honest, etc. But there are some interesting things out there that you may not have known could strengthen your marriage. Here is a look at some unexpected ways that you may actually be able to improve your marriage.


Go Out on a Double Date

There seems to be this tendency for couples to withdraw further from their social networks as their relationship grows, but this tendency can actually be harmful to a relationship. One study conducted at Wayne State University found that interacting with another couple can actually make you more romantic and loving toward your own partner. The lead author of the study also noted, “Spending time together with friends and meeting new people is a source of support, personal growth, and new experiences to share with each other—and that can help relationships flourish.”

Make Contact During Sleep

Making some sort of contact with your significant other during sleep—even if it is only your backs or hands touching—could also actually strengthen your relationship. A survey conducted for the Edinburgh International Science Festival found, in surveying couples who do and don’t touch during the night, that 94% of couples who spend the night in contact were happy with their relationship, while only 68% of couples who didn’t spend the night in contact reported being happy with their relationship. These stats, of course, could simply be indicating the reverse—that unhappy couples are less likely to touch during sleep and that happier couples are—but either way, it’s worth a shot!

Synchronize Your “Bedtimes” 

Similarly, simply going to bed at the same time is another way to strengthen your marriage. Relationship author Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., recently pointed out in his book that this may be the only time that you and your significant other are alone together all day—and that is a valuable time for both physical and emotional intimacy.

Try New Things Together

One study published in the Journal for Personality and Social Psychologydocumented the positive effects that trying a new activity together as a couple can have on relationship quality. Overall, participating couples who tried a new activity together for even just seven minutes experienced greater relationship quality than those who did not. So if you are really looking to bring in something new, go out with your spouse and try something new that neither of you has tried before.

Cut Back on Social Media

You probably already suspected that revolving around social media less can strengthen your real-life relationships. But many do not realize just how heavy an impact social media can have on their relationships. According to one study published in Computers in Human Behavior, there is actually a negative correlation between heavy social media use and relationship satisfaction—meaning the more time study participants spent on social media, the less happy they were in their relationships. The lead author of the study even pointed out that heavy social media users have a tendency to use texting to avoid saying something, and that creates distance in the relationship. So if you want to improve communication in your relationship, try turning away from social media the next time you're tempted to use it.

Don’t Be Afraid of Therapy

Couples therapy is increasingly more common in a world where we are far more aware of the challenges of mental health and are educated enough to recognize the benefits of putting time and effort into improving our mental state. Couples are two individuals with different needs, wants, desires, and fears. It’s perfectly natural that two people might benefit from utilizing therapy to better communicatewith each other. The key is to take the communication skills learned in therapy and apply it to everyday life. Even if your relationship isn’t on rocky ground, it can be beneficial to try a session or two of couples therapy before the bad times come.

Guest post provided by Alek Sabin with Gravitate