LaShanae & Julius are now Mr & Mrs - Wedgewood Wedding Pictures

Wedgewood Wedding Banquet

Watching movies together, traveling to new cities, cooking, visiting family and friends are just a few of the things Julius and LaShanae love to do together. That and going over their pictures from their high school prom laughing at the fun memories and silly things they did together before heading off to college.

During their engagement session we were chatting and it was obvious these two have a long history of loving and getting to know each other. What surprised LaShanae the most about Julius was the fact that he was completely opposite from her, and I was okay with that. This definitely goes to show that opposites attracts and is the foundation of their love story!

This wedding has been a long time coming and Wedgewood was the perfect venue for these nuptials. With a family of their own already they knew this day was going to come, it was just a matter of when. And during the wedding day you could feel the love and happiness all the family and guests were feeling for the couple. The dance floor was jam-packed the entire night with people dancing to the beat and having the best time of their lives!