Julia & Genesis - Coronado Dog Beach Elopement

A Wedding Elopement on Coronado Dog Beach

Wedding flowers, decorated reception halls, people laughing and crying along side the couple. It’s what we all see when we think about a wedding day. Filled with people and decor, events taking place and food to be enjoyed, there is a plethora of happenings to photograph.

And then there are elopements, the purest wedding of them all with just the couple and their officiant. As a wedding photographer I love photographing elopements. They are challenging in a different way from a regular wedding and a great way to work on our posing. No wedding party to pose with, no big setups and sometimes not even a flower bouquet.

Julia & Genesis Coronado Dog Beach Elopement was so much fun and so sweet. It was just the two of them, their officiant and their adorable little dog. Bethel from Ceremonies by Bethel held the sweetest of ceremonies. Despite standing on a large beach, with the wind whipping around us and people walking their dogs up and down the beach, it still felt like one of the more intimate ceremonies I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing.