Elwynn & Cass - San Diego Wedding Vendor Spotlight Feature

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A San Diego Beauty Concierge? Why yes, I think I will hire you!

 You’re walking up and down the aisles at Nordstrom, touching, feeling and sometimes even smelling all the different makeup options that are offered to you. At each new brand a representative will come up and ask you what you’re looking for and how they can help. Overwhelmed you look up and it’s just blank in your head – you can’t for the life of you remember what you came to the store to pick up.

Any of that sound familiar? If you are planning a wedding, you are probably feeling that same overwhelm right about now trying to narrow down your wedding vendors. Not the least your makeup and hair artist. Because, let’s be real, having really great hair and makeup on your wedding day is mega important!

That is where Katelyn and her team over at Elwynn & Cass comes in. They’ll do the job for you. Not the actual makeup application and hair pinup (although I’m sure they will do that for you as well, that’s just how amazing they are!), but they’ll find you the most perfect MUA and Hair Artist for your wedding day.

I have had the pleasure of working with Katelyn’s amazing team on several occasions and it has always been a hit. The artists that they hire are outstanding, professional and top of their field. And the job they do is always impeccable.

Elwynn & Cass helped with the hair and makeup artist for this beautiful San Diego Engagement Session

Elwynn & Cass helped with the hair and makeup artist for this beautiful San Diego Engagement Session

What is Elwynn & Cass Beauty Concierge?

Elwynn and Cass is a Southern California based Beauty Concierge who will take over all the stress and guess work from you to find the perfect makeup and hair artists for your day. Their work speaks for itself (just check out all those 5-star reviews they have all over the internet!), so instead of going on about their work, I decided I wanted to share a more about the person responsible for all those emails, phone calls and planning that goes on behind the scene to make your makeup dreams come true.

Katelyn and I spent a fun morning at One Paseo in Del Mar walking around chatting and grabbing some shots. This is what I learned: her dad jokes are on point. She is a little bit of Alexander McQueen mixed with Chanel (think rock & roll chick meets Jackie O). And she has the most amazing shoe closet you’ll ever find!

You can find Katelyn and her team at the following channels. If you aren’t following her on Instagram yet, I highly suggest you do so. She shares amazing tips and tricks about makeup and hair, and her newsletter is a fun distraction on mundane mornings when you want to just dream of pretty little things.


Katelyn is the owner and founder of Elwynn & Cass and the person you’ll talk to whenever you need help!

Katelyn is the owner and founder of Elwynn & Cass and the person you’ll talk to whenever you need help!

Get to know the #1 San Diego Beauty Concierge

This or that:

White wine or red wine

Cake or frosting

Shorts/pants or skirts/dresses

Coffee or tea

Dessert of choice: Bread Pudding 

Cocktail of choice: Moscow Mule (love ginger/ginger beer)

Hidden talent: I did archery when I was growing up and still have the archery set.

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And because no interview would be complete without a “Things I have in my bag”, Katelyn shared with us her most essential items she’s never without.

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Things I have in my bag: 



·wallet (duh)

·Advil (you never know when you need it)


·protein bar (I get hangry when I don’t eat for too long)

Girl I hear ya on that hangry part – got to stock up on healthy snacks. Well there ya have it folks, this is Katelyn, the amazing brain power and beautiful face behind the top Beauty Concierge Southern California has to offer. Now what are you waiting for, go follow her and find out how she can be your saving grace on a wedding day and then book Blessed Weddings to ensure you remember it all.