Avoid a Beauty Disaster Before Your Wedding - San Diego Wedding Tips & Tricks

Look your best on your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look her best on the big day.They’ve waited so long for it and it’s definitely the most exciting day ever – but how do you make perfectly sure that nothing will go wrong? A dress malfunction, makeup smear or bad hair day can literally ruin your whole day, so make sure you’re ready and prevent any disasters before they even have a chance to happen.

The Wedding Dress

A bride’s dress is the centerpiece of the entire wedding. It’s the thing everyone comments on and more importantly – it’s what you’re in for the whole day. For your fittings, you want to schedule them neither too close nor too far from the date. On one hand, you want to make sure you have time to make any and all alterations, but on the other hand you want to make sure the dress fits perfectly on that day, not three months before. This is especially important if you tend to have fluctuating weight, because you don’t want to give your body a chance to change too much from your last fitting to the wedding. When you’re choosing the dress, you want to look for two things: comfort and freedom of movement. Feeling uncomfortable in the dress, might make you tug or scratch on it, causing damage. Secondly, you don’t want to be sitting down throughout your wedding – you’re going to be walking around, dancing, taking a million pictures and feeling alive, but you can’t do that if your dress is too long, too short, too tight or anything in between. It simply has to fit perfectly.

Finding the perfect Wedding Dress for your Socal Wedding

Makeup trial

Let’s break this one down step by step. Firstly, you’ll need inspiration. Get on Pinterest and into the bridal magazines and save all examples of the makeup looks that you like. Then, take a few days to think about them and narrow them to your two or three favorites. Having a friend help you roughly put on the makeup will help you get a clearer idea if that’s what you want. Once you’ve selected the winners, it’s time to find a makeup artist. You want someone who has the style you like in their portfolio, who is in your price range and available on your date. Make sure you have a rehearsal for your makeup before the big day. Have it done, see if you want any changes and spend the day in it to see how you feel. This is the time to make any changes or to see if you will have a reaction on any of the products, for example the fake eyelashes.

San Diego Wedding Makeup Artists

The Perfect Smile

You’ll be doing a lot of smiling, so it’s time to get those teeth into perfect shape. If you’ve been putting off major dental work, this is the end of the line. If you need dentures but haven’t been able to find ones that fit right, then the all on 4 dental implants can be your saving grace, especially because they can be done in a matter of days. But even if you have all of your teeth healthy and functioning, a little brightening up never hurt anybody. Visit your dentist about a week before the wedding and get whichever teeth whitening procedure you prefer.

There is no such thing as a bad Hair Day on your Wedding Day

You should start thinking about your hair about a month in advance, or even more if you’re looking for a drastic change. You never want to do your hair last-minute because you never know how the cut and color is going to turn out, and you want to have enough time to fix it if needed. If you’re planning a specific hairstyle, make it at least once before the wedding and spend a day with it to see how it will stand up to the weather, movement and any other dangers. It should be sturdy and secure without being uncomfortable.

Destination Wedding Pictures of Wedding Hairdo

Be Prepared

The most important thing to keep in mind is that accidents might happen and you will need to be prepared. And when I say you – I mean your bridesmaids. Stuff their purses with bobby pins, hair spray, makeup, deodorant, fabric cleaner, Band-Aids and anything else you think you might need. They are your go-to and you can rely on them to make sure you’re looking perfect throughout the day and night.

You can do a lot to prevent any makeup disasters and you should definitely focus on minimizing any possible damage, but you should also make sure your looks aren’t the only thing you’re focusing on. You’ll be with your loved ones, you’re marrying theloved one and it’s a day for fun and celebration, not just the perfect look.

Guest post provided by: Brigitte Evans