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International Wedding Venue Inspirations

Once you’ve got the ring on your finger, it’s time to start thinking about the wedding venue. Most couples plan the wedding and its theme around a spectacular venue. You could opt for a beach wedding, forest wedding, mountain wedding, garden wedding, and so on. The options are limitless. Many people opt for hotels that can accommodate a large wedding party but fail to capture natural scenic beauty. From the ice and snow of Greenland to the sun soaked shores of Rarotonga there’s an endless amount of beautiful settings in our wonderful world to choose from! 

Maybe your heart is set on a traditional white wedding in a little church in the Yorkshire broads or maybe you’d love to be rocking shades on a beach in Barbados or perhaps you’d love a view of Pompeii with a platinum wedding ringon your finger. Whoever you are and whatever your taste, here are a few ideas for finding a special location for your special day. 

Castle & Palace Wedding:

Every couple wants to feel like royalty on their wedding day. What better way to do this than to select a castle for your wedding? You can book castles or palaces in Europe, India, China, U.S, and England. If you want to get the feel of a regal wedding venue, you could think of getting hitched at the royal home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, at Kensington Palace (although that can be pretty expensive!). 

You could also head to Lolani Palace in Honolulu and Belvedere Castle in New York. Most couples book one of the gardens, halls, and rooms to get the feel of a royal wedding in the presence of your family and loved ones. For an intimate wedding, select a location at the castle that offers the magnificence of the historic architecture as a backdrop while you say ‘I Do!’

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Mayan Ruins, Belize:

With more than 600 Mayan sites, you and your partner can opt for a beautiful wedding in Belize. One of the most enchanting locations in Belize, the Mayan ruin of Cahal Pech is a sight to behold. Now you can have your dream wedding while standing in a location steeped in history that spans over 3000 years! 

Local wedding planners can help organize a wedding ceremony with a shaman to perform a traditional Mayan blessing. Commitment ceremonies are extremely valued in the Mayan culture. Apart from the beautiful location, Belize offers fantastic landscapes, tasty food, and warm and welcoming people. 

Santorini, Greece:

Why not take a trip to Europe? Santorini is known for its gorgeous blue sea, spectacular views, and fantastic food. Opt for incredible venues like wineries, sailing ships, yachts, the famous black sand beaches, secluded churches overlooking the Aegean Sea, and hotels with exquisite backdrops. You could also book an entire villa and its surrounding gardens to host your wedding ceremony and functions. 

The yacht and cruise experiences are also one of a kind and you could speak to a local wedding coordinator to assist you with the florists, caterers, décor, and favors to make your Greek-inspired wedding a smashing success. 

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Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, Australia:

Situated in New South Wales, Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat is an idyllic spot for nature lovers. With natural cathedrals and an abundance of Bloodwood trees, this beautiful wedding destination is only a couple of hours from Sydney and is easily accessible by car for wedding guests and large parties. 

You can opt for an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception or an intimate bonfire-style gathering of close friends and loved ones to celebrate your special day. If you and your partner enjoy the beautiful outdoors and are looking to start your life together in the midst of natural beauty, then Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat should definitely be on your wish list. 


Unusual but beautiful, Russia is the largest country in Europe. Home to a rich history, traditions, and cultures, Russia has outstanding architecture, palaces, lakes, wineries, castles, historic and vintage venues, mountains, ancient monuments, and churches that you can choose for your perfect wedding venue. 

You could also opt for large ballroom weddings in Moscow, Imperial hotels in St. Petersburg, and glittering social events in Kazan. Russia is known as the gate to Europe and boasts of battles and love stories in equal measure. 

Whichever venue you choose, ensure that it holds meaning for you and your partner so that you both can start your life together in beauty and harmony. We wish you all the best for a happy married life ahead!

Guest blog written and provided by Katie Jones from Orla James. Images by Blessed Wedding Photography - offering destination wedding photography world wide.