Organizing Your Wedding Registry - Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks

Wedding Registry made fun!

For some, registering for wedding gifts is the most fun part of planning. It can be so exciting to dream together about how your new home will be full of perfectly-matching cutlery and guest towels. For others, a wedding registry is a frustrating detail. After all, what if you already have all the dishes you need? What if you’re planning to move, or you live in a tiny apartment where extra stuff is the enemy of your peace of mind?

Well, the good news is that the internet has opened up so many options to us, there are more ways to register than scanning fancy china at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Here are some tips to help the process go smoothly.

Get it Done Early

Completing your registry information is one of the earliest things you should do while planning a wedding. Once you have the date and the venue locked down, the next question on people’s lips will be where you’re registered. Some guests will want to give you their gifts at an engagement party, or the bridal shower. You’ll want to be ready to answer questions from the beginning, and distilling information to the wedding party, who can pass word along.

Remember, most wedding registries will allow you to check up on progress, and update your preferences. Don’t keep procrastinating because you’re not sure about everything that you want in there. You can change it later if you need to.


Do It Together

There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning, and often, it’s a lot more efficient to divide and conquer. However, deciding on wedding registry details is something you should do together. Soon, everything you own isn’t going to have the convenient division of “mine” and “yours.” It will all be communal. Embrace this as an opportunity to really talk about finances as a couple. Discuss your financial goals and expectations.

Alternatives to Stuff

If you’re someone who’s not into picking out kitchen appliances for your registry, you might want to start looking into alternatives to the traditional registry. Luckily, there are lots of different options out there now. Some sites allow you to register for honeymoon adventures (look into or and some options even allow you to get contributions to a down payment on a house (sometimes, the best way to set this up is through your bank.)

Is There a Classy Way to Ask for Cash?

To be honest, there’s still not an easy way to ask for cash. However, you do have options.

Option #1: You can register somewhere that has options for a cash contribution. Places like The Knot or Zola will include these options. However, you have to come to terms with the idea that some of your guests just won’t like it. For one thing, cash just doesn’t feel as personal. For another, many of these registry organizations will skim some of the cash and demand a service fee. When this is happens, many of your guests will start thinking, “It doesn’t cost me anything to write a check. Why should I go through this annoying process when it amounts to the same thing?” Make sure that you test the process of any cash contributions included in your registry, and give traditionalists alternative options.

Option #2: The best way to weight your wedding gifts toward cash is to leverage the power of word of mouth. Let your parents, your family, and your wedding party all know that if they’re asked about where you’ve registered, they should give an option, but also add “However, they’re saving up for a house right now, so cash gifts are going to be the most useful.”

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Keep It Simple

Now, whether you’re asking for cutlery, or you’re registering for honeymoon experiences, remember to simplify your requests. All of us can go a little scan-crazy when we see all these possibilities in front of us. Anytime you find yourself thinking, “Why yes, it would be nice to have a trifle dish!” or something similar, rein yourself in. If it’s not something that matches up with your lifestyle, don’t do it! Remember that many of these things will go through several moves, life with kids, and everyday use. Use your best judgment when you register for something that you wouldn’t have bought with your own money.

Anticipate Returns

Sure, the idea of a wedding registry is to minimize the need for returns. It reduces the risk of getting duplicate toasters and makes it so that the things you recieve are actually the things you chose. However, it doesn’t always happen that way. Anticipate spending a bit of time after the wedding returning some gifts. Even if everything is straight off the registry, you might realize later that there are some things that you don’t really want, or don’t have space for.

Because of this, it’s important to review the return policy wherever you register. Make sure that there’s some flexibility for you.

Guest Post written by: Christine Hill