Meet Max & Holly - Two Beautiful Minneapolis, MN Engagement Sessions

A Minneapolis Engagement Session turned Mini Sessions

Every once in a while you have to do things differently when the weather doesn't agree with you. And if you live in the midwest, like Minnesota for example, you know that the weather sometimes has a temperament.

That is exactly what happened with Max and Holly's engagement session. When we showed up for the engagement session at Mills Ruins, the weather was very incremental, with looming dark clouds all around us. Instead of risking getting caught in a thunderstorm, we decided on doing two mini sessions for their Minneapolis Engagement Session instead.

The end result? So much better than I had ever expected. Because we had the opportunity to do two mini sessions at this destination engagement session, we managed to captured some gorgeous city pictures at Mills Ruins in Minneapolis and complimented that with some stunning sunset pictures at Arneson Acres in Edina a week later. 

An Irish Claddagh Engagement Ring for Good Luck

You'll notice that Holly's engagement ring isn't like any other you've seen. No big diamond. No sparkly stone in the middle. Instead, it's a very classic, very historical and very personal ring - an Irish Claddagh Ring. Holly being from Irish accent really loved the symbolic that this ring brings her. During our session, they told me all about the ring and the fact that there is a certain way you have to wear it.

If you are single and have no significant other you wear it on your right hand with the heart toward the nails. This is to show that your heart is open. 

However, when you meet someone and start dating, you turned the ring around so the heart is facing your body. This is to show that your heart now belongs to someone else.

When you get engaged you wear it on your left hand. However, the heart is facing outwards showing your heart it still open. Then, as you are married, during the ceremony, the ring is turned to have the heart facing inwards to show, once again, that your heart is taken and belongs to someone else. 

How cool is that???