La Shanae & Julius Engaged - Marian Bear Park Engagement Photographer

A beautiful Marian Park Engagement Session

They met in the Summer of 05 at San Pasqual Academy High School. Assigned to sit next to each other in Multimedia class, having to work together on class projects, they got to know one another and eventually started spending time with one another outside of school. Following High School they spent the next four years together at college and grew even closer.

When we asked Julius what he loves the most about La Shanae he responded with "I've always found La Shanae to be the most caring and loyal person in my life. She always has my back when I need her, and I continue to learn from her everyday."

That ladies and gentlemen is what a true relationship should be all about. The support and continued growth together as individuals and partners. 

When we spoke to La Shanae she said that she loves when "Julius tries to dance but has no rhythm and when he talks in different accents. His laugh is what makes me laugh."

You guys, this couple is so adorable and we can't wait to see them get married later this year. But until then, enjoy their stunning engagement session at Marian Bear Park.