Orfila Winery Wedding - Escondido Wedding Photographers

When the chicken fled the coop and ended up at a Wedding in Escondido, CA!

You may be asking yourself now - did chickens get married? And in a sense, yes they did. But in a lot more interesting way. Let me set the stage for you. 

The first time B & V met was while camping with their families down at the desert. B rode in a jeep with all the girls including V and her mom. Since it had AC and roll up windows he called it "The Estrogen Wagon" (because of the girls and all the "frilly" things you don't actually need when you're camping). You can already tell this is going to be a fun couple right!

Later that night B and V's brother set fireworks off right next to the girl's tent while they were sleeping. A year later while they were both in college, they went on their first "Date" (it was valentines day to hang out with friends) to Hooters (this turned into pizza instead). B picked up his girl blasting Macklemore on the radio and gave V a rose and said "no girl should be without a flower on valentines day". Needless to say, 2 weeks later they were officially dating.

When we asked the bride to be, what makes her future husband so special, this is what she said:

"He is always coming up with crazy new plans for our life together/ the cars he wants to buy. Some of them are serious, others just make me giggle. He likes to send me dinosaur pictures and tease me about kids, about everthing. My favorite is when I am upset he fixes it with kisses. And if that doesn't work he resorts to tickling/cuddles." 

Queue to the wedding day, obviously the groom had to do something special for his bride. While Anna was with the bride all morning, I got to spend my morning with the groom and his grooms men. And let me tell you, it was a morning full of surprises and laughter. Not 10 minutes after I entered the boys' room, the groom comes up to me and simply says: we may have an issue...

Surprised I look up, wondering if he's got cold feet or something. No it's something way more interesting. He looks at me with a serious face and says "We've got some chicken heads that we need pictures of!" SAY WHAT?

My mind immediately went to raw, cut off chicken heads.. but no, thankfully it wasn't that bad. In fact, it wasn't bad at all. Out of a bag they pull out these plastic chicken head masks. 

Imagine my face when I saw those masks! My face went from horror to complete happiness and knew then and there that this couple was going to be making us laugh all day long! 

The rest of the wedding day was filled with love, laughter, dancing, wine and some more chicken head photo ops! And the bride was clueless until the reveal a few weeks later! We call that a very successful surprise and can't wait to see what other future grooms will do to surprise their brides!

A HUGE thank you to all these amazing vendors that made this day possible for this couple!

Venue: Orfila Vineyards and Winery
Flowers: Wholesale Flowers and Supplies
Wedding Dress: David's Bridal
Bridesmaid Attire: Revelry 
Beauty: Brian Bond Makeup | Allison (Hair)with Giovanni's in El Cajon
Photo Booth/Bus: The SD Photobus - Instagram
Wedding Coordination: Tania Schmutz, Coordinator at Orfila
Music: Bill Calhoun Mobile Music
Officiant: Kristin Quick, Intimate Ceremonies San Diego 
Dessert/Favors: Flour Power
Stationary: Minted (Invitations/ Save the date), Snapfish (rehearsal dinner) Seating Chart (Etsy, PrettyTemplate) Dad Note (Etsy, FireflyPaperStudio) Silence Phones (Etsy, OrchardBerry) Welcome Sign (OAKYdesigns)