A Beginner's Guide to Help Men Buy An Engagement Ring

4 Tips on Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

Picking out an engagement ring is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. You don't want to choose something your future fiancée will hate, but you also don’t want to make yourself destitute. These tips will hopefully clear up some misconceptions about engagement rings.

1. Set a Budget That Makes You Comfortable

You've heard that the perfect engagement ring will cost you two months of your salary, on top of the upcoming showers, the ceremony and reception, and the honeymoon. Before you look for a second or third job, take a second and relax. Few women genuinely expect you to spend anywhere near that much money. The DeBeers diamond company came up with that charming notion after World War II. It was nothing more than a marketing ploy to make returning GIs drop some serious dime on engagement rings for the girls they left back home.

With that in mind, set a budget you're comfortable with, preferably one that doesn't put an insurmountable dent in your bank account. Women have different tastes. Not every bride-to-be wants an enormous, expensive white diamond. Granted, you need to know what your future fiancée likes before setting the budget, but that's easy enough to do without being obvious.

2. Find Out What She Likes

There are several ways to figure out your future wife's preferences. Today, it's common for couples to visit jewelry stores together. Some women prefer to pick out their own rings to ensure they get what they want. Other couples simply browse what's available. Your bride-to-be can give you an idea of the clarity, cut, and style she likes.

Otherwise, pay attention. If she points out certain rings anytime you walk past a jewelry counter or store, then take note. Talk to your family members and girlfriends. Study her style. Choosing a ring that fits your bride is much more important than just buying the most expensive rock. Does her aesthetic veer toward classic engagement rings and timeless designs, or is her personality quirkier than that?

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3. Get the Right Ring Size

Sizing the ring correctly is one of the most difficult aspects of planning a proposal unless you know your love's ring size off the top of your head. There are few ways to ask the question without giving yourself away, so prepare to get a little sneaky. Once again, you can always enlist the help of the people close to her to find the answers.

Another option is to just take one of her other rings to the jeweller. Do your best to get a ring that she wears on her left ring finger, or at least her right one. Even if the fit isn't perfect, you know that it won't fit too loosely or tightly, which means she can immediately Instagram the proposal.

4. Consider the Color

What kind of band does your wife-to-be want? What's her favorite metal? You can choose between standard bands made of gold—rose, yellow, or white—but platinum is popular, too, as is silver. Furthermore, would she appreciate accent gemstones? Does she prefer black diamonds over white ones? Your bride might even want something other than a diamond.

Are you planning the proposal yet? That's the next step after deciding on a ring. Let us know how you popped the question.

4 Tips to selecting the perfect Engagement Ring

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