5 Tips to a Successful Marriage

Photography CC: Blessed Wedding Photography

Photography CC: Blessed Wedding Photography

As wedding photographers we have the honor to witness the very first day of a marriage. The start of a life together as husband and wife, wife and wife or husband and husband. 

But a marriage isn't just the day of a wedding, it's a lifelong commitment to each other. It is a constant work in progress to care for and grow your relationship as a couple. We are here today to share our top 5 tips to a Successful Marriage.

5 Tips to a Successful Marriage

1. Compromise

You may not always want to do the thing your partner wants to do, but it's important to compromise sometimes. For example, if one person cooks dinner, have the other person be responsible for the dishes. 

Have different interest? That's totally fine, but make an effort to join your partner in some of their hobbies as well and have them join in on yours. Who knows - maybe you really enjoy doing that together and it becomes a mutual hobby!

2. Date night

Don't forget to take care of your relationship. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and doing the same thing day in and day out. Get away from the daily grind, get dressed up and go out for a date night. Even if it's in the middle of the week! Spend some quality time together where you don't have to worry about the cooking or the cleaning!

3. Find things to do together

You each may have your own separate hobbies and interest. But it's important to find activities that you enjoy doing together. Be it traveling, hiking or going to art museums. Make time during the week or weekend where the two of you can get away and enjoy those activities together. This way you create new memories together instead of separately. 

4. Print your images

It's been proven that having printed images of your happy moments (like from your wedding or anniversary photo session) up on the wall is good for your relationship. It's a daily reminder of your love and why you choose to marry each other. Even on days when you may not be the best of friends (we all have those days!), a big portrait on the wall is harder to ignore, than a digital image on Social Media or on your phone. Print those images and see your marriage flourish!

5. Appreciate the little things

It's not always about the 100 red roses on Valentines Day or the most expensive match on his birthday. It's about the little things. Keep reminding each other why you love the other person. Send them a random text throughout the day saying you are thinking about them. Surprise them with a back rub after a long, stressful day at work. 

The little things will help your relationship go a long way and will make it prosper and grow!