Giving Thanks on your Wedding Day

I would first like to start off by saying I am thankful for my family and all of you wonderful clients I have had throughout this year.  Most of you reading this know by now that I have decided to open up my services to Wedding Photography for 2015 although my home location is San Diego we are fully prepared to go to any destination needed. This said I thought that this is the perfect blog for this 2014 Thanksgiving year.  

15 TOP Ways to Give Thanks at Your Wedding

1. Keep a Thank You journal. We often forget what we are thankful for so keeping notes of this is important.  Write down what was meaningful during the whole wedding process, get manes of people who touched your heart in a special way and send them a letter letting them know just how special they are or what they said was to you. 

2. Spend quality time with your maid of honor. Being that my BFF is getting married soon I know just how important this is.  Spend some time together because after this day things will be a bit chaotic and you will not have as much time together as you did prior to the wedding day. Go out and do something with just the two of you. 

3. Exchange letters on the morning of the wedding. Sure, "meet you down the aisle" texts are charming, but there's nothing quite like putting pen to paper and expressing to each other how much you mean and why you first fell in love.  Heck you can even tell each other how nervous or excited you are about this big day. I know my Husband will smile when he reads my chicken scratch and "I love you to the moon and back" salutation or my chalkboard notes saying I love you and why. Capture each other's reaction on film or photo by reading the letters out loud for your videographer or photographer.

4. Give a wedding surprise for your groom.  Well ladies this is the exact reason why I am a boudoir and wedding photographer. There is nothing like slipping a little black book into your soon-to-be man’s room wrapped up and ready for him to open before he says his “I do’s”. This is a special surprise he will be sure not to forget.

5. Spend some quality time. This day will be busy and I can tell you countless times I forgot that it was even about my hubby and me.  Take some time and spend a moment with just the two of you.  Have your photographer capture this moment as it will be one of the most memorable one.

6. You will cry.  Personalize handkerchiefs with embroidered messages for Mom, Dad, your mother-in-law, father-in-law, or any other close family members this will not only be something they want to keep forever but it will remind them that your thinking of them this day and days to come.

7. Dedicate your wedding to them.  At the ceremony, ask the usher if you could read a poem in honor of your family. Then again you also can surprise them at the reception, instead by having all the coaster say on the back there dedication.

Check out this example:

8. Honor their marriage by incorporating their wedding-day photos. As a Wedding Photographer this is something I find fun.  Ideas: hold your parents photo in front of you while you’re in your wedding gown or suit. You can also have your photographer (someone like me) replicate the same shot that your parents have.

9. Something old something new.  So many things you can choose from to add a piece of your parents with you down the aisle.  Example take a piece of the sleeve from your Mom's wedding dress and use as my bouquet holder. Then instead of doing a bouquet toss, give a speech at the reception dedicating your bouquet to the most important woman in your life—Mom.

10. Give them one last hug and a note. So here it is that moment that you are finally pronounced husband and wife and instead of heading down the aisle stop take a moment and think about the person/s who brought you into this world give them a hug and maybe slip them that last note letting them know how much they mean to you.

11. Give them a gift they'll want to use. The bridal party, they can’t be forgotten and they have been with you every step of all the planning and all the chaos its time to let them know your thankful by giving them a gift that they will love.

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12. That Song we all have a song that reminds us of each of our friends take the time to dedicate that song to your bridesmaid or grooms men and pull them out for a very special one on one dance.

13. Guest book.. So there are so many ways to display a guest book buy why not one that you will want to keep?  Make a family free with every guest placing their fingerprint, have your photographer if they offer instant photos and maybe have them take some of every guest to place in a little black book with writing of wishes for you.  Then again there is always that jersey idea and you can have all your wonderful guests sign your favorite team’s jersey.

14. Have a Thankful Wedding. There is one way to say loud and clear that you are thankful and that is by having a wedding of thanks be sure to incorporate thank you notes or framed chalkboards around the building and heck you can even mention special people who you want to recognize.

15. Give your Vendors a Shout out. This is so important, often people forget to thank there photographers, florist, and the list goes on.  Giving a special thanks to these people is important.  I can say that from experience there is TONS that goes into making this day special for all my brides.


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