DIY Preserving Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers San Diego

Make your flowers from the day of your wedding last well past the one week after you get them. Wedding Flowers can be stored and preserved for many different occasions. By drying and pressing your flowers, they will retain their original beauty from your special day. 


Make sure your flowers are completely dried. Leave the stem long and hang the flowers with the stem up. Keep your drying flowers out of sunlight to keep the bright colors. 


TIP: Leave flowers to dry in your closet! Use hangers to dry multiple amounts of flowers. This will save you space and time when you will put the flowers away for storage. 


Ideas for dried flowers:


1. Fill a glass vase with the dried flowers.  Keep vases as center pieces for up to 2-3 years! These make great arrangements for your living room or bathroom area. Check out the tutorial on here



2. Add dried petals to a warm bath for a relaxing herbal bath. Different flowers provide unique benefits to your bath time:


Linden flowers aid in relaxation and could stifle a cold before it takes hold.

Dandelion flowers renew your skin and will drive away the winter blues.

Lavender calms your nerves and rejuvenates your skin.

Rose petals relax your body and refresh your skin after a long day.


3. Use a shadow box to keep flowers in and deliver to each bride maid. You can even add typography in the middle of the box with the braid maids name or a special note.